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My name is Ira, and I am proud to be the founder of 120 Degrees F - Holistic Unisex Secret Day Spa. I've always wanted to create a one of a kind relaxation unisex spot with unique services that both men and women could enjoy. Our spa treatments and therapies do not only enhance your looks but also your health!


What makes us unique is the individual INTUITIVE approach to our clients, even in facials and massages. We are currently the only day spa in the US that offers NATURAL face and body sculpting, NATURAL pain management, energy therapy that works with your energy system directly (not through channeling), BMS Matrix Treatment, and Oxygen Cocktails.  

Our mission is to enhance our clients' appearance and wellbeing through addressing their health concerns naturally and holistically. Our vision is to disrupt and transform the entire health and beauty industry, e.g. botox industry, cosmetic surgery or chiropractors, and make every single person aware of their own potential for natural wellness and rejuvenation, regardless of their gender. 

The company's name was inspired by one of my favorite services - Infrared Sauna, whose optimal temperature is at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. I hope to see you soon at this Hoboken oasis! If you have any inquiries, shoot me a massage in the chat and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Love yourself! 

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(917) 488-3727


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